Miyerkules, Mayo 22, 2013

One baby step at a time..:)

It's been awhile since I posted something here. I've tried to post some of my thoughts this past weeks but I just can't...

Maybe because I thought that it would be better if I do something about moving on first, and gradually forget about my sentiments, so that the next time I post something here, it will be something different. Something new for this blog.. Something good about gettin' a life!

So here's my list on HOW TO MOVE ON and be just simply HAPPY:

1. Exercise
     * I've watched in a health and wellness show that exercise can improve one's mood. It's because it stimulates our hormones that may leave us feeling happier and more relaxed.
    -Maybe this is one of my problems why I'm emotionally down for quite some time. It is because I don't exercise since I got pregnant with my first child. That's why now, I'm finding time to do at least a 15 mins. exercise in a day. It could be dancing with my little kiddo or just playing physical games with her. Whatta!

2. Eat, eat and EAT....HEALTHY!
      * How can you be happy if your stomach is empty? Eating foods is what our body needs to keep ourselves alive and energetic! The more energy you have, the more good things you can do. And the more  accomplishments you have, the happier you will be. :)  
      -I'm guilty for not eating because I feel so fat, now that I just gave birth again! Maybe this has a contribution why my brain is not functioning well, thus making me feel so depress. I have to stop this!C'mon, let's eat!bon appetite!!:)

3. Appreciate. Gratitude. Pray.
      * Appreciation of little things, being grateful for some things and praying for new things can make someone be happy OR makes you feel so good! Anyway, LIFE IS LIKE A GLASS with half-filled water. It's whether you chose to see it as half- filled or half-empty.
    -Since I see the different kind of life, more on reality one, I've changed. And it's a bad thing because I've changed for worse. Before, I'm a positive thinker. I always see the bright side of every situation in my life. I appreciate little things like my friends making time for me, I'm thankful for me being able to eat donut and I just pray whenever I don't have enough money/allowance for rest of the week. That's me! 4 years ago! I just don't know what exactly happen why I've lost that asset of mine. I forgot how wonderful life is and chose to stop living a beautiful life. But now, I'm ready to live again. With my hubby and two beautiful daughters, there's no reason for me to be sad. Cause there's so much reason to be happy. :)

Life is like a coin. You can spend it any way you wish, but you only spend it once.
-Lillian Dickson