Sabado, Agosto 31, 2013

Team Kramer!

Hi everybody!I miss posting something here.
Anyway, I have a new addiction!

It's watching videos of the Kramer Family in Facebook.

 They're fan page is Team Kramer managed by Mr and Mrs. Doug Kramer.

I'm super hooked in watching their videos especially the videos of their kids, Kendra, Scarlett and Gavin.

They have such a beautiful family that you can feel the love in their home by just watching their homemade videos.

They have super cute and bibo kids. How I wish Meganne can speak well just like Kendra.

Gavin, their bunso, is just 5 days older than my Allodia that's why I can relate to their family in one way or another.

I also love the video that Kendra and Scarlett were playing and laughing like no tomorrow. When I first saw that video,I told myself that next year, Meganne and Allodia will be like that,always playing and hugging and running like there's no tomorrow.

I just really hope that they will put it in a website just like what they said in one of their status.

To Daug and Cheska, kudos to you guys. I can really see your love and care for your kids. You're a great example of a parent.

If you are being curious of what I'm talking about please just visit them in their fan page. That's it for now. Go #team Kramer!

Linggo, Agosto 25, 2013

Party Thougths

Hi everyone! Mr. Sun showed up early this morning here in Pasig.
Pero nagtago din agad. Umiyak ulit and langit. Good thing that it's not as heavy as the previous days.

Anyway, these past few days I've been thinking on what to do on my baby Allodia's 1st birthday.
Wala pang budget, pero alam mo na. Mas magandang magplano na para pag andiyan na ang pera, bayaran portion na lang.

Venue. Wala pa pong venue. Ihuhuli ko na lang to. Kasi pag wala akong nakitang magandang deal for food baka I consider birthday parties in fast food na lang.

Food. Ooh-eemm-gee naman! Nakakaloka naman ang mga catering service ngayon. Pangmaharlika lang talaga. Kaya kung hindi fast food, baka magpaluto na lang ulit kami doon sa friend ni biyenan just like what we did on ate Meganne's 1st birthday. Masarap naman sila magluto plus wala pang hassle sa pagdeliver kasi kapit bahay lang sila ng mga biyenan ko. Yun lang, sana hindi sila fully booked sa birthday ng baby ko. December kasi ang bday ni Allodia eh. So baka maraming magpacater/magpaluto. I'm also checking some deals in Metrodeal and Ensogo. Kaya lang di pwedeng gamitin ang vouchers doon sa December. Sabi ko nga, marami kasing parties pag December. I'm also considering buffet restaurants. Depende kung may promo sila.

Cake. Ooh-eemm-gee ulit! Nakakaloka naman ang prices ng mga gumagawa ng fondant cake! They're so cute and fabulous pero super pricey. Hindi ko talaga magets kung bakit ang mahal mahal eh ang liit naman ng cake. Anyway I'm considering doing a DIY na lang. Pati cupcakes. Baka iDIY ko na lang.

OTHER THINGS that I'm still thinking if I will avail on my lil' girl's big day:

Hay naku! Nakakapressure talaga pag 1st bday. |Plus dumagdag pa na christmas season ang bday ng baby ko.. Anyway I'm open for suggestions ha. Suggestions and recommendations are much appreciated. Thanks in advance!:)


Miyerkules, Agosto 21, 2013

Our helpful ate and my 8 months old baby

How's everybody?

I hope you are all fine and safe with your family.

Well, it didn't stop raining here since Sunday. But, it didn't stop me from washing our clothes as well.

Di ba nga I told you we just came home from Ilocos? So ibig sabihin I have loads of labahan to do.

It's a good thing that my little ate helped me in hanging our clothes. She's super willing to help and I'm lovin' it. Here's a video of my ate putting a shirt in a hanger.

Note: Di ko po siya pinilit. She's willing to learn so I taught her how to do it.

Aliw lang noh? I hope after 10 years she's still willing to help me doing the household chores. 

Another thing that makes me a proud mama of my little ate is that she knows how to use the mop. When she sees a puddle inside our house, she gonna grab the mop and wipe it. I even try to stop her at first but when she told me that, "Mommy, ako na. Ate na ak-ho.", I just let her do it. She's growing up so fast, indeed! Plus she's growing up so smart and responsible (despite of her being late in her language skills. I'll make another post about this). I'm so proud of you baby. You're still my baby no matter what.

Speaking of baby, my little Allodia just turned 8 months yesterday! That is so fast baby girl! It seems only yesterday when I can still feel you inside my tummy. But look at you now,

Oh, such a darling! She's so cute in that dress! Her ate used to wear that too when she's at her age.

I feel nostalgic now.

Anyway, since its my baby's birth month, we should celebrate, right?

We planned to buy a Braso de Mercedes in Red Ribbon earlier yesterday and just have it delivered here in our house para di na kami lumabas. But then when I called the Red Ribbon Delivery hotline, they told me that they can't do delivery in our place due to bad weather.

Then I watched the news, only to find out that Marikina River is on a critical level already!
Nagtaka pa talaga ako ha, eh magdamag ang ulan kaya malamang mataas na tubig doon.
That made me realized that the way going to Eastwood from our house is not passable anymore.

Red Ribbon Eastwood branch supposed to do the delivery cause its the nearest branch in our home that does delivery. So hindi na talaga sila pwedeng magdeliver cause they have to pass the floodway going to our house.
Another realization, siguro kaya di pa ako pinayagan ni God na magwork kasi He knew that this gonna happen. Ayaw lang niya siguro akong mastranded sa Eastwood(its where I'm supposed to work) kaya dinelay niya muna ang pag work ko. Okay. Thank You God!

Anyway, back to the story tayo. Siyempre, as a mother na hindi susuko para sa anak, may plan B ako. I tried searching Goldilocks, if they do delivery. Meron, they deliver. Pero when I try to call them using our telephone, wala na palang dial tone ang telephone namin. Nacut na ata ang line namin because of the weather.

Haaaays! So, plan C naman ako. My plan is to go to the Robinson's Supermarket near our place cause my baby daddy remembered that Simply Bread has a store there. So I got ready to go there. But when I went to our main road, its baha na pala already. Plus, there's no more tricycle going out of our subdivision anymore. Tsk, tsk.

So plan D tayo. Kailangan magcelebrate dahil 8 months na ang baby ko. I will feel really guilty kasi if we can't celebrate it. Ang sa akin naman kahit simple lang, basta malaman lang ng baby ko na sinelebrate namin ang birth month niya just like we used to do in her ate's first year noon. So eto na po ang plan D.

I just bought brownies in the bakery nearby our place. That's only for 20php. Tapos nilagayan ko lang ng candle. And PRESTO! Happy 8th month Allodia!

Supposed to be bibili pa ako ng stick-o and nips or cream stix pang lettering sana. Kaya lang isang buong 1000php bill ang hawak. Wala daw panukli kaya di na ako bumili. 

Hayaan mo anak. Babawi na lang kami sa birthday mo. We love you kahit ano pang mangyari. Tsaka di ba, ang importante eh yung magkakasama tayo,? Kasi pag magkakasama tayo, parang araw-araw PASKO! Mwah! 

Linggo, Agosto 18, 2013

Rainy day things + fold a shirt in just 2 seconds!

Its been a long rainy day.

I'm a bit worried because the typhoon "Maring" is in the northern part of our country. I've just called my father in Ilocos to check what's happening in there. He told me that they were alerted by the provincial news that's its already signal no. 3 in our province (I don't know if this is true). My father said that it didn't stop raining since yesterday. Our house in Ilocos Sur was almost caught by the flood last night. Almost all the houses in our neighborhood had been affected by the flood already.

Meanwhile, my relatives are quite worried with us as well cause we're currently residing here in Pasig Area. They're really horrified to know that I agreed with Melvin to live here in Pasig though I know some horrifying stories of Ondoy. I don't have much choice at that moment that's why I just agreed with Melvin.
Anyway, I told them that there's no heavy rain in our area(except just now while typing away this post) to stop their worries. I also assure them that we have enough food and water that can last up to 2 days.

Anyway, I wanna share with you this great thing that can be really useful during these "bagyo" times. It should be in the top of your list of emergency kit.

 A chargeable Flashlight .

I don't know where my MIL bought it. I'll gonna ask her next time we'll meet.

Anyway, I found this video in Facebook. I've already tried it! And I'm bursting to laughter and I don't know why.. Guess I'm just really amazed..

Here's the video..

Try it! It's really easy!

Bouquet of Awards

I really feel flattered right now cause Kitty Kat of  The Home-based Diva just given me 3 wonderful Awards... The Sunshine Award, The Versatile Blogger Award and the Best Moment Award.

Super thank you Kitty for giving me these awards!
Anyway, let's just go to the mechanics of the awards.

The Rules:

  1. Display the Award certificate on your website/blog:

    2.   Announce with a post. Make sure to post and link back to me as a "thank you" for the nomination.
Sis Kitty! Thank you for giving me this awards! And I also want to take this opportunity to thank you for your encouraging comments here in my blog. Thank you talaga sis! More power to THBD!:)

     3.    Present up to 15 awards to deserving bloggers.

               Krisna of Life As a CEO
               Camille of Lollies and Lipsticks
               Rose of Missi Rose's Views
               Alicia of The Mama Report
     4. Drop them a comment after you have linked them in the post.
     5. Post 7 Interesting things about yourself:
  • I have a sweet tooth
  • I love watching romantic-comedy movies
  • I love reading romantic pocketbooks 
  • I know how to cook except frying a fish
  • I wanna learn how to bake a cake without an oven
  • I love watching teen shows and movies
  • I'm a super fan of Taylor Swift
Thanks again sis Kitty for the awards and congratulations to my nominees.. :) 


Sabado, Agosto 17, 2013

I'm Back from Ilocos!

Hi guys!
I've been away for quite sometime..

The kids and I had a very short vacation kasi in Ilocos last weekend.

Have I told you guys that I was born and grew up in Ilocos Sur??

Well, I'm telling it now. (haha)

Anyway, our vacation was still fun despite of the long hours of trip and the typhoon.

 We toke advantage of the free ride of my uncle, Papa Zeus, last Saturday night. We left Pasig at 12 midnight.

We had a comfortable trip because we occupy the spacious back seat of Papa Zeus' car.
Our trip took like 7-8 hours cause we had to stop for like 30 mins. or an hour in Pangasinan cause Papa Zeus was a bit sleepy at that time and so he needed a power nap. Then, we arrived at Ilocos Sur  at Sunday morning safe and sound. Thanks for the ride and food Papa Zeus and Mama Jean!
                                                        Boundary arch of our town, Candon.

Day 1: Sunday
Well, our day 1 was full of kamustahan blues and chit chat with my relatives. It was my grandfather's day last Monday that's why almost all of my relatives came home to celebrate my grandfather's epic birthday!

That's Allodia with my Inang(grandmother ko po)!

Meganne with Ollio in a Hulicam! moment!

We're supposed to go swimming but since there's a typhoon, we opted to just stay home and  had a kwentuhan-to-da-max.

Day 2: Monday
It was Amang's 82nd Birthday! Everyone was busy in preparing for the party while the kids do their thing, and that is to play! 

Meganne with her kuya Kraven

Kanya kanyang kalat, tsk!

My youngest sister Angela, my grandmother whom we're calling Inang and my baby Allodia.

Amang's Birthday cake

Happy Birthday Amang!

The birthday party went well despite of the heavy rain and strong wind. It's also a good thing that there's no flood or bad thing that happen in my Amang's birthday. Happy Bday Amang!

Day 3: Tuesday

It was a rainy day and so I wasn't able to go to city market to buy "pasalubong" for my Baby Daddy. It's a bit far from our place plus my dad has still got his hangover from their inuman last night, so I decided to just stay at home. Good thing that my Best Friend, Jem, came to visit me and the kids. We got our chit chat and girl bonding the whole afternoon. She'd been my best friend and most loyal friend ever since we're in grade school. I really miss her a lot and our childhood days. Till we meet again my dear friend!

At the evening, we left Candon at 10pm, and just the same, we had a long hours of trip going back here in Manila.

We arrived at Project 2, where my Melvin's family are residing, at 8am. My baby daddy stayed there when we went to Ilocos. He wasn't able to come with us cause he had to finish some things in their business.

Oh! Before I end this post lemme share this video of my ate Meganne and kuya Kraven dancing in an Ilokano song.. Enjoy!


Martes, Agosto 6, 2013

Happy Breastfeeding Awareness Month Mommies!

It's August and its Breastfeeding Awareness Month mommies!

I used to nurse my Meganne for 2 years. I just stopped nursing her when I knew that I was pregnant with Allodia.

I've exclusively breastfed my little Allodia for 6 months, but now I have to get some help in formula milks because of my treatment. I'll make another post for my treatment story.

Ang super gastos pala pag naka formula milk ang baby! Ang bilis ng pera plus parang ang dami ko pang ginagawa.

Formula Milk-                          400- 1500php(900 grams)
Distilled water-                               60- 85php(6 liters)
Gas(in sterilizing the baby bottles)-       200php
Water in washing the baby bottle-         50php (?)
Dish washing liquid-                                5php            
TOTAL:                                    715- 1840php 
Biruin mo, ikaw na nga gumagastos, ikaw pa pagod!? Kaloka ha!

Wala pa diyan ang gastos sa oras ha sa pag sterilized ng baby bottles at sa pagpunta sa sa grocery para bumili ng Formula milk and water. There's so much time that is being wasted.

 Eh pero anong magagawa ko, I have no choice naman kasi I'm under medication that's why I have to wait for 12 hours for my baby can able to drink my milk safely.

Kaya pag gabi, breastfed ko pa rin ang baby love love ko. Less hassle and worries. I just have to sit and let my baby drink until she goes back to sleep. Di ko na kailangan bumangon pa ng bed para magtimpla ng milk niya.

Eto naman ang Gastos in Breast milk:
FOOD NI MOMMY- 2000php

Paano naging mas tipid ang 2000php (gastos in Breastmilk) sa 715- 1840php (gastos in Formula Milk)?? Sa Breast milk pareho na pong busog ang mommy at baby while sa Formula Milk, si baby pa lang ang busog. Pag sinama pa natin si mommy, nakow! Bonggang gutom na gutom si mommy for sure dahil nakakagutom nga naman ang maraming ginagawa kaya baka umabot sa 5000php (exaggerated ba ako??haha) .

Anyways, I encourage you mommies and mommies-to-be to give the healthiest milk in the whole world to your little ones. Its cheaper and definitely healthier.

Breast milk is still the best for babies. So give your baby only the BEST. :)


Si Chinito, si Mayaman at the Voice!

Si Chinito!!!
Kilala mo ba si Chinito?? Kinikilig kasi ako sa kanya eh.. hihi

Hindi si Chito Miranda ha! I know na chinito siya pero hindi po talaga sa kanya. haha
Sa song ni Yeng Constantino. Chinito. Ang cute lang ng song and yung music video. Lakas makaLSS. Lakas din makakilig much. :) haha. ♪ ohh Chinito ♪... 


Si Mayaman. Kaloka naman si mayaman. Nasa news na naman kasi kanina si Napoles. May Unit daw kasi si Jeane Napoles sa isang Condo Hotel sa California. Kaloka di ba? Sila na talaga ang mayaman. At kung mapapatunayan nga na galing sa kaban ng bayan yung mga gamit, properties at money nila, nakow! Kawawa naman ang Pilipinas. Pilipino pa man din ang trumatraydor sa sariling bayan. Tsk tsk... ohh chinito .. 

For more details check niyo na lang sa

The Voice. Hindi ako maka get over sa battle round nila Taw at Kimpoy! Ang ganda ng version nila ng "Without You" ni Usher. I feel a bit sorry about Taw but someone has to shine. Maybe its not yet her time. She really did a great job. I know makikita ko pa siyang kumanta on TV kasi may talent siya. She's at her best at the wrong time. Kaya to Taw, never stop singing sana. There are people like me that still wanna hear you singing and still believing in your Voice. Kaloka, I sounded like a coach judge na..haha! ♪ ohh chinito♪


Sige na, good night na. Kanta muna ako ng Chinito.. hihi... 
*P. S. to my Baby Daddy, di mo na kailangang maging chinito para kiligin ako. Ngiti mo lang chinichilig na ako. Good night! :*

Linggo, Agosto 4, 2013

The FIRST beautiful woman I'd known

Because of you I see the beauty and imperfection of the world.

Thank you for everything Mom!

Stay beautiful always!
 May God be always be with you where ever you go.
We love you Mom! 

Happy Birthday!!! 

Bad Idea!

I'm supposed to blog about my mom today because its her birthday but mas gusto kong sabayan ang viral scandal nila Chito and Neri sa net sa pagpost ko nito.

Eh paano ba naman kasi??? 

Ang Baby Daddy ko pong si Melvin ay may naisip na super mega hyper BAD IDEA!

He knows about my blog and sometimes, I know na nagbabasa po siya ng blog ko. (Hindi palagi kasi nahihiya ako sa kanya kaya pinagbabawalan ko po siyang basahin ang blog ko. Lam mo na, kahiya naman na malaman pa niyang chinichismis ko pa sarili naming buhay di ba??haha..) Minsan he would ask me bakit daw ba ako nagbloblog, siyempre todo explain naman ako na therapeutic ito and kung suswertehin, pwede ka pang kumita through blogging. Siya naman tanong ulit kung paano kikita through blog. So inexplain ko sa kanya na through advertising kikita dito pero siyempre, the more readers, the more advertisements and more money ang ibig sabihin nun! And since kakastart ko lang, konti pa lang nakakaalam nitong blog ko. So siya naman deadmadela na lang ulit sa pagbloblog ko.

Until, one time he landed on this blog with full of sex scandal videos. Wala po akong kinalaman diyan ha. Bigla na lang po niyang pinakita...

Melvin: Bi! May papakita ako sa'yo.
Me: Ano yun?
Melvin: Blog ito! Halika bilis!

Lapit naman ako sa computer. Tingin sa monitor. Biglang HUMAYGAWD! Sabay harang sa monitor baka makita ni bulinggit! 

Me: Ano ba yang pinapanuod mo!? Mamaya makita yan ni Megs! Lagot ka talaga sa akin!
Melvin: Wag yung video ang tignan mo! Yung flagcounter!
Me: Oo nga noh? Ang daming nanunuod ng scandal??? 0.o
Melvin: Eh kung yan na lang kaya iblog mo?? Para kumita ka na. Para may panggastos na tayo.
Me: Ayoko nga! May cybercrime law na kaya! Ayoko ngang makulong!. Hmp!
Melvin: Hmm... Eh kung ako na lang kaya gumawa ng blog na puro scandal???
Paktay tayo diyan!

>.< Pag ang tao desperado kung ano anu na lang po talaga ang naiisip eh noh??
 Jesus! Wake up! We need your help! Bago pa mapariwara ang baby daddy ko!

Biyernes, Agosto 2, 2013

Hello August!

Bye July, hello August!

It's a new month, and so I have to move on and leave those problems to God.
Bahala na si God diyan, maloloka na ako pag ako pa ang inasahan Niyang magisip ng solution diyan. Hmp.

For the past days that I've been really feeling down, I've saw na hindi lang pala ako ang nadepress. Pati bahay namin nadepress! Maalikabok, may spider webs, magulo mga laruan at damit ng mga babies ko at bundok na po pala ang lalabhan ko!

Naku! Ang hirap pala talaga pag ang Mommy na ang nawala sa huwisyo. Kaya I really salute to tough moms out there. Pag Mommy talaga kailangan di ka lang matibay, matatag pa.

Anyways, madali lang naman solution sa household chores eh, isang mega bongang general cleaning lang yan. I'm sure ngayong nagbalik na ako sa sirkulasyon, magmumukha na ulit bahay itong bahay namin in no time.

And speaking of pagbabalik sa sirkulasyon, well, ito po ang mga ginawa ko nung feeling super down ako. Until now ginagawa ko pa rin yan, kasi siyempre di ko pa rin maiwasan paminsan minsan na isipin ang mga problema ko.

  1. Watch movies. I've watched 3 Idiots, Praybeyt Benjamin, Just like Heaven, Definitely Maybe, Just my luck and many more. Super Ganda po ng 3 Idiots. Promise! Panuorin niyo!
  2. Watch comedy shows. Like Showtime, Victorious, iCarly, Oggy and the Cockroaches, Phineas and Ferb. Redundant lang ba?? Haha! I just really love these shows!
  3. Talk, talk and talk. These past few days I really talk to my toddler a lot. Kahit wala ng sense, basta nakikipagusap lang talaga ako kay Megs. Haha. Sinasabi ko sa kanya yung mga naiisip ko, siya naman puros pabili and princess lang naririnig ko.. Haha.. Bata talaga.
  4. Read inspirational quotes. I actually use the God wants you to know application in facebook. Madalas tugmang tugma talaga siya sa nanyayari sa buhay ko. Parang its God's way of communicating to me.. Try it.
  5. Sing and listen to the music. Lately, favorite kong pakinggan ang Who says by Selena Gomez, One step at a time by Jordin Sparks and Fireworks by Katy Perry. Pero hindi po ako ang nagkaLSS sa mga yan. Sila Meganne and Melvin po ang naLSS, lalo na si Meganne sa Who says. haha!   
  6. And lastly but definitely most important thing to do is to PRAY. Pray with all your heart and soul. As in maya't maya kausapin natin si God. Hindi siya makukulitan. Promise. Baka ikaw pa nga makulitan sa gagawin mong pray maya't maya.
I know these are the most common things that you can do when you're depress. Or should I say kulang pa nga yan eh. Kasi wala pa diyan yung comfort food! As I've told you here, we are having financial problems, kaya mata ko lang muna ang nakakatikim sa mga comfort food na favorite kong kainin pag may money kami. 
Eto lang naman ang list of comfort food na kinabubusugan ng mga mata ko lately:

Zarks' burger 

J. Co Donuts

Bubblegum Mcdip

Ilocos sur's EMPANADA

BURP! Busog na mata ko.. Good night na! Happy Weekend! :)