Biyernes, Pebrero 14, 2014

Rants overload

I know that it's Valentine's day, but here I am ranting about everything in my life.

I don't know why we are having so much trouble about our financial status that makes me so depressed and it seems like my postpartum depression is coming back.

Lately, I've been thinking about dying and I'm losing my eagerness to take care of my kids and our home.

I've been thinking too much on how to make an easy money even I'm here at our home.

I mean I really love my children but knowing that we don't have money right now (I mean it! Literally we don't have money! We even don't have enough money to pay our house rental and its already overdue!), it makes me sick and tired all day long.

Lately, I've been also thinking of going abroad. My mom is in London right now. And I ask her if she can bring me there because I really want to go abroad and earn bigger amount so I can give the best future for my kids. But then my mom told me that I should finish my studies first. She doesn't want me to go there without a college degree. And she even told me that my kids are too young to be left out. She said that I should take care of them instead.

I know that my mom got a point there, but I just felt that I need a break. I want to experience earning my own money. I want to be a working mom.

I just felt that there so much to do and I can't do it that's why I demanding for space.

I don't know myself anymore. I'm NOT growing anymore. Maybe it sounds so selfish but I want to do the things that I want to be done.

Our home is maybe not my place. You know what I mean?

I'm not growing. Everyday seems to be just another day to be lived on. I'm not existing anymore!

And what is more confusing is that my hubby doesn't understand what I'm feeling right now even if I explain what I'm feeling to him.

Actually, he doesn't support me anymore. He doesn't want me to work either locally or abroad. He just wanted me to stay here in our home, be so financially dependent into him, take care of the kids to the point that I forget myself and be just a plain ugly housewife.

Now, I'm hating my life and wish that I didn't met him at all.

I hate the fact that I cannot change our situation anymore. It's like we're being cursed by somebody to be so poor and miserable.

I'm so hating this kind of life.

All I want is financial security. I want this for me and my kids.

Sabado, Enero 25, 2014

What is happening to It's Showtime Family??!

I don't watch TV often ever since I had Meganne because, rather than watching, I would just do my household chores whenever I have free time.
It was just when I was preggo with Allodia that I watched TV again.
And one of the shows that I used to loved watching is the It's Showtime(formerly Showtime).

I got bored with Eat Bulaga and switched to It's Showtime.
It offered a lot of fresh portions plus it has gorgeous and handsome celebrity hosts.

Until I gave birth to Allodia and lost my desire in watching TV again.
But even if I stopped watching the show, I still loved their show and their hosts, no matter what.

And now, I'm wondering why their hosts are being in a scandalous issues these past few months.

Let's reminisce one by one.

1. Vice Ganda scandal (May 17, 2013- iVice Ganda mo ko Concert)
     It happened last year, when he made a joke about "the rape" thing and worst is that he mentioned Miss          Jessica Soho, who is a reputable newscaster of the rival network.

2. Billy Crawford break up with Nikki Gil, Coleen as the third party? ( July 28, 2013- The Buzz)
      He announced his break up with almost five year long girlfriend Nikki Gil. And just lately, he confirmed         that he's courting one of his co-host Coleen Garcia, who allegedly the third party in his relationship with         Nikki Gil.

3. Anne Curtis Slapping Incident (Dec 2, 2013- Prive Luxury Club)
       When Anne slapped John Lloyd Cruz and two other people. Well in the story, she even called JLC an          "addict" and she told Phoemela Barranda that she can buy her, her friends and that club.

4. Vhong Navarro was beaten by group of men ( January 22, 2014- Fort Condo)
        It's in the headlines today. He was badly beaten by group of men in the condominium of his friend.

When Billy announced that he's courting Coleen, I already thought about this. I even asked my Baby Daddy why the hosts of this show are going a lot of issues. And he laughingly answered me that he doesn't know cause he's a certified dabarkad. I actually thought that Vhong Navarro will have a big issue soon just like his co-hosts, but I didn't expect it to be just like that. I pity him cause he was badly beaten and might undergo a surgery soon. I wish he could recover soon cause I will definitely miss his "sexy moves" and pick up lines.


Huwebes, Enero 16, 2014

My busy week..

I've been thinking lately that 24 hours is not really enough for a stay-at-home-mom like me with a 3 years old school girl and a year old baby whose figuring how to talk and walk and learn those simple things in life.

Is it the daylight saving or just me?

Haha. Whatever. Anyway, I've been quite busy this week because of my baby ate's loads of homework. That's right! She's considered to be in nursery level and yet their teacher is pouring them( I mean us, their PARENTS!) with loads of assignments! But that's okay, since I can clearly see that my Baby ate is really learning. She now knows about Dr. Jose Rizal! I didn't teach her that because I just felt that she's too young for that information, but then again, their school is just really preparing them for big schools and I'm happy with that.

Yesterday, Allodia and I went to the nearby health center because it's her MMR vaccine day! So I got up early and went to the center. Before the vaccine her weight and height were taken and I found out that she a bit underweight! So I need to feed her from time to time so she can gain some weight before she turns 1 year and a month old. I've been also busy teaching her how to walk and talk. During my spare time, I would be with her and teach her how to say "mommy". She can mumble "daddy" and "ate" but not "mommy" or "mama". She also knows what the dog says and I'm proud to say I didn't teach her that. She was able to learn that  sound by listening to our neighbor's dog's bark. And I'm pretty sure that sooner she'll be able to learn to call me,"mommy". She can also walk 2-3 steps already without support. And I realized I'm much happier to witness that moment that moment than anything else. I felt overwhelming when I saw her walk on her own. I just can't explain that lovely feeling! And I thank God for letting me experience such wonderful feeling with my family.

Another factor that made me busy is that my sister had opened a problem with me. She told me that my nephew, Ollio, is showing some signs of Red flags. Red flags are the reference to see if you're kid is manifesting Autism Spectrum Disorder. You may refer to this site for more information about this disorder.
It was a heartbreaking news. We're not sure yet but then being aware that something's wrong makes us feel unhappy. So right now, I'm helping my sister to research more about this case. We're also praying for a milder case cause we know that my nephew is really delayed in some skills. My sister's also preparing their finances for his medical expenses. My nephew is scheduled for an assessment with Dr. Maria Cristina Caguioa in Las Pinas Doctors Hospital on January 27. I really hope that Ollio will be better soon. It will be his 2nd birthday tomorrow. And I wish him a better health for his birthday.

Sabado, Enero 11, 2014

My Baby Ate's First day of school!

Yes! She's going to school at last!

Our new home is just in front of our Barangay Hall and YAKAP Daycare.

At first, I thought the local Daycare Center here in Quezon City won't accept late enrollees because we move in here last September and that makes it almost half of the school year already that's why I didn't bother to go there and ask if my Baby ate can join the class.

But then, last month, our neighbor, who has a child which already 4 years old, told me that the Daycare Center here in our Barangay still accepts kids from 3- 5 years old. She enrolled her kid just last month and actually she's telling me to enroll my baby ate as well, so that her son and my baby ate will classmates.

I wasn't able to enroll my baby ate last month because I was busy in preparing my baby bunso's 1st birthday party ( I will make another post for this). But I promised her that I will enroll my baby ate this January.

So last Wednesday, I went in our Daycare and talk to their teacher if my baby ate can join the class and she said yes, I just need to submit a photocopy of her birth certificate. So she instructed me that Meganne's gonna start yesterday and they have a feeding program so there's no need for me to buy her baon but we have a weekly contribution of 10php plus I have to help the other parents in cleaning the room once a week. She assigned me in the Wednesday group, so I'm committed that every Wednesday I have to go there and help in cleaning the room. The teacher said also that since my baby ate is still 3 years old, she belongs to the toddler class which is the AM class. Their class begins at 9 AM up to 11 AM. While kids who are 4 and 5 years old belongs to the PM class which is 1pm to 3pm. I'm okay with 9 am-11 am class because I want my baby ate to maintain her "siesta" attitude until she gets to a whole day class.

Since its a public daycare, we got some freebies! Her school uniform, a bag, grade 1 pad paper, a pencil and some glaze papers. Not bad, right?

So we got up a bit early last Thursday to prepare for her first day. My baby Daddy is more excited than my baby ate. He was the one who prepared our breakfast and all throughout breakfast he keeps on saying to our baby ate "bilisan mo anak!malalate ka na..!" even if its just 8am and my baby ate's school is just a minute walk away! So after breakfast he insisted that he'll be the one to take my baby ate to bath. Then I was the one who dressed her up on her first day of school.

Here's her OOTD:

TOP: My Favorite Things; Shorts: Genuine Kids by OshKosh

I'm sooooo excited!

At exactly 8:50 we went to their school already. When we arrived there, their teacher is not yet there so the classroom is still locked and so we waited at the basketball court with one of her classmates. While waiting, she kept on asking me where her teacher is and I patiently answered her that her teacher is not yet around.

When her teacher arrived I greeted her good morning while my baby ate began to behave and kept her silence. She seems to be so shy with her teacher and classmates. We entered their air conditioned room and waited for the other students. While waiting, they are allowed to play the toys inside the classroom.

Meganne: I'm a shy..

We waited for the other until 9:30am. And then their teacher decided to start the class and she just concluded that the other 8 students are absent for that day. When I asked her how many students does she handles for the morning class, she said that there are 20 students all in all including my baby ate. There was only 12 students who are present for that day.

The teacher started the class with a flag ceremony and a prayer. After that, they sang and dance those kinder song. At first my baby ate doesn't know what to do until she just copied whatever her classmates are doing.
Their Dancing in pairs.

Then after that, it was the start of the regular class. So for that day, their teacher teach them the letter "F" and the number "6". My baby ate got one star when she participated in counting the numbers from 1-6. After that they had a seat work which is to write number 6 in their grade 1 pad paper. 

After their teacher checked their work, she gave them all a star and then the Thursday group parents distributed the food so that the kids can have their merienda.

For that day, they gave the kids an egg sandwich, choco bites and a choco drink. Once the kids are done eating their food, they will go to their teacher and claim their star. Some of the kids weren't able to get a star cause they didn't finish their food. 

After the "recess" part their teacher lead a closing prayer and dismiss the kids.

For overall, my kiddo really enjoyed her first day! She drag me home straight and showed her stars and seat work to his daddy. And my baby daddy is so proud of our baby ate.

 The next day I didn't go with her anymore. I just toke her in her school and went home to take care of my baby Allodia. Then her baby daddy was the one who fetch her yesterday. She was so brave! Her teacher said that she didn't cry when she asked for me and her teacher responded that I went home.

I'm so proud of her, cause not all 3 years old kids would let their parents to leave them in school, right?
Well, I guess this is it! This is the start where my baby ate will learn so many things and I hope she would really excel in her studies. :)

Huwebes, Enero 9, 2014

New Year, New Giveaways!Yeys!

Hi fellas!

I've been quite busy in the web for the past days.

Well, because you know, I've been searching for a job, may it be home based or in an office based.

I prefer to have a home based job but since our computer has TOO low specs ( its a pentium 4, yup! There's still a pentium 4 in our generation and it's working really sucks! If only someone could give me a computer..hmm..) I think I prefer to be in an office based cause I don't really wanna mess up with my future boss' business.

I'm still on the search of a non voice account in the call center industry.

I actually applied last week but I failed in the interview. I don't know what exactly made me fail the interview. Maybe because I emphasized too much that I wanted to be profiled in a non voice account.
And now I'm kinda feelin' low. I mean I don't trust myself anymore that I can get another job offer ever again. I'm too afraid to try again.. And I don't know when will my self-esteem will be back to my system again.. I hope it will be back very soon cause I want to save up some money before June cause my baby ate will go to school next school year

Anyway, while waiting for my self-esteem, I've been busy joining some giveaways in other blogs.
And I want to share it with you guys, that's why I made a short list of the giveaways that I've joined.
So here it is!

So there you go. I will search for more giveaways to join in. And I wish I could win in one of these giveaways!

Linggo, Enero 5, 2014

Welcome 2014!

After months of not posting anything here due to my computer's virus which blocking blogger in my search engines, I finally was able to open my blog again!

I was frustrated then that I can't post or write here because of that virus.

But I will just forgive that "virus" cause I don't want a bad vibes in my new year's post!

I want to welcome 2014 with a bright, shining, shimmering, splendid smile on my face. :)

I wish this year will be in my favor, especially because I'm from the year of horse and this year is the year of wooden horse!

Anyway, whatever comes in for me, I will just enjoy and make the most out of it.

But of course, I want to make my own to-do-list for this year.

So here it is!

1.  get a job
2. To send my baby ate to a school with a quality education
3. save money at least 10,000 pesos
4. travel anywhere
5. learn to live a simple life
6. teach Allodia to talk and walk
7. make a small business
8. teach Meganne the value of sharing (until now, she doesn't know yet the word "SHARE")
10. to stay in love with MELVIN BRIAN MANZANO no matter what happens

That's it for my list. I know it's short, because how can I make my number 5 if I'll make it long,ayt?

How about you? Have you made your to-do-list 2014? I think its better than New Year's Resolution's list...