Martes, Hunyo 4, 2013

Goldilocks' Black forest roll

We celebrated my Allodia's 5th birth month last May 25, 2013 by just strolling around in Cubao and bought a Goldilocks' Black Forest Roll!

                                                           May hindi makapaghintay..

                                                           Sinisilip na yung kukunin niyang part..

                                  Ayan na siya!Sabi na nga ba talagang takam na takam na ang little girl ko!

                                                               Loved the cherries!

                                               We've celebrated it in  Melvin's parents' house.

For overall, I love its bittersweet taste! I can say that Goldilocks improved and perfected it! I like this way much more than red ribbon's Black forest cake. 

Meganne and Melvin love it too! Meganne tried the cherry first, but she can't stand the bitterness of the cherry that she'd spit it out!haha! Afterwards, she ate first all the chocolates before munching on her slice of cake. As for Melvin, he'd eaten 4 slices of it. And he said he wants more! It's just that he can't have more because we have to spare some for his parents and sister. 

And as for Allodia, well.. She can't eat anything for now.. But next month, it's her turn to eat!!yey! :) Foodie

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  1. looks really yummy! will try this pagnapadaan kami sa goldilocks :)

  2. I say YUM for black forest cake! Such a winner comfort food! Yup, the bittersweet taste is the best... :-)

  3. My youngest named Alodia too, however, she only has 1 'L" on it and has a second name of "Rosel". She's now 9-month old.

    Mira from Rosels' Mom Diary

    Mga Tugon
    1. Nice,!mom ko nagbigay ng name na yan sa daughter ko means riches daw kasi..:)

  4. You got me curious when you said that is better than red ribbon :) I might try this one time. Thanks for sharing sis!

    Mga Tugon
    1. For me sis ha..mas gusto ko to kesa sa red ribbon..:)

  5. happy birthday allodia :) this is my favorite goldilocks cake ever ^^ they used to place cookie dough sa ilalim kaso in time tinangal na nila sayang :)