Miyerkules, Hulyo 31, 2013

God wants me to know...

Things that God wants me to know...

It's been really a tough time for us... I'm still praying but I'm not fully believing. I'm still in doubt. 

Maybe if I don't have children, I could bare this pain and problems. But I have 2 kids. I can't take to see them hungry and miserable.

All I want is to work and earn money then provide my kids what they need.

Please Jesus, help us. We badly need your help. Amen.

Sabado, Hulyo 27, 2013

Thank you Megs for making me smile!

I'm having some problems regarding financial and career matters right now. And so, my role as a mother here in our home is very much affected.

Lately, I've forgot that my kids stills needs me no matter what happen. They needed to be fed nutritious food and be well taken care of everyday. But, because I'm emotionally and psychologically very much affected by my problems, I've tend to not to give them the best effort that I could give to them as their mother.

I was sad and depress because of what's happening in my life right now. I just hope God has the best reasons why He's letting these things to happen to us.

But yesterday, my 3 years old baby Meganne(yes! she will always be my baby no matter how old she is) just learn to write the letter A!

After so many decades of teaching her how to write or draw something, she finally made it yesterday!

I'm so proud of you my dear baby! I know that its just the beginning of everything but I just can't help myself to be so emotional. (sob)

Here's a video that made me smile and be happy..:)

Biyernes, Hulyo 26, 2013

Feeling so down down down

Hi everyone...

I know its been awhile since I post something here.
If you're a regular reader of my blog, you might be thinking that I'm busy with my new found career. But I'm not. Why? What happen?

Well, I was pull out in our training because something came up. I'm not yet ready to go in detail cause its still hurting me so bad.

I actually tried to post it here a lot of times for these past few days but I just can't.

I'm not yet sure what to do now. I don't even know if there's really a solution for this. I could really say that I'm at my darkest phase of my life.

When I find that courage and strength, I will post every single thing here in my blog.

But for now, please just leave some inspiring comments here to enlighten me.

Thank you.

Biyernes, Hulyo 19, 2013

Necktie Emporium!(First Ever Giveaway!!!)

Hi everyone!

I've mentioned here that I will be sharing my blessings, right?
Well, here it is!

The Necktie Emporium Giveaway!

The Necktie Emporium is an online shop that offers the finest selection of neckties, zipper neckties, bow ties and clip on neckties at very affordable prices.

They have a variety of selection that you can choose from. Just visit their website at http://www.necktieemporium.com.

Source: google images

What amazed me is that they have a selection of Infant Bow Ties that is really cute and classy! I really want one if ever I have a baby boy!

Their infant bow ties

The Prize:
         Since I can't choose on what to give as a giveaway, I, together with the Necktie Emporium, gives the privilege to one lucky blog reader to choose a NECKTIE or a BOW TIE in the wide selection of Necktie Emporium on what they want to win. Yes, you can choose on what you wanna win. (Gift set is not included in this giveaway.)

 Ready? Let's start! Just collect as many points as you can through Rafflecopter widget below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thank you Necktie Emporium for sponsoring my giveaway!

Martes, Hulyo 16, 2013

Job hunt Finale

I knew I didn't post something last Friday.
Well it's because I went to try my luck again in getting a job in the companies that I posted here.

And last Friday, I've got a job!!!

Yes! I've just tried my luck and got a job. I really thank God for this blessing!!!

The only sad part here is that in I'll be an official working mom starting next week. I'll gonna spend less time with my kids in exchange of money, so I can buy food and things to make them healthy and comfortable.

And since my family feels so blessed with these blessing, I want to share my blessings with YOU!
But since its my First ever Giveaway, I'll be writing it in different post. So stay tuned!

Okay, back to Job Hunt finale tayo, so the search is over. Starting next week, July 22, 2013, I'll be an official employee of Convergys Corporation. At last, I will be experiencing the life of an employee, yung may mandatory benefits, Health benefits, bonus, 13th month pay, etc.

So starting today, I'll be posting my last 5 days as a SAHM or Stay-At-Home-Mom. Countdown na ito!
Mamimiss ko yung pagiging SAHM ko pero I, myself, think that I need another place to grow. But not too far away from my daughters, kasi my office is like 15 mins away from us...

Kaya I hope I will learn a lot in this new phase of my life.
 I hope I'll be a better person as days pass by.
I hope that this is it, pancit!

SO go for the Gold and For the WIN!!CHEERS!!!(anodaw??!haha...masaya lang po ako,pagbigyan niyo na ako!)

Linggo, Hulyo 14, 2013

Blessed Weekend!

Dear God,

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for all the blessings that you've given me. Now I understand that sometimes you give blessings in a very different way. So unique and hard to figure out, but then, in the end of the day, it's still a blessing.

Thank you for the hardships. For it made me stronger and better.

Thank you for trusting me. That I can make it in every single challenge that you've given me.

Thank you for giving me skills. For I can truly use it in everyday of my life.

Thank you for understanding me when I rant and wants to give up whenever I encounter those hardships. For giving me second chances to make things better.

And lastly, thank you for everything. For it lead me to the place where I'm supposed to be.


Happy Sunday everyone!

Huwebes, Hulyo 11, 2013

Throw Back Thursday!

It's Thursday kaya konting throwbacking muna tayo.. :)

At their 1st month.
Can you tell me who is Meganne and Allodia??

I miss them nung ganyan pa sila kaliit.. Yung madali pang alagaan.. Yung time na super precious ng smile nila. Yung time na tulog lang sila ng tulog. Yung time na pag iniwan mo sila sa bed, pag balik mo andun pa rin sila sa spot na yun. Yung time na super dependent sila sa akin because I have their milk. Yung time na ang bango bango pa nila, yung amoy baby pa sila...

Pero siyempre kelangan din nilang lumaki.. Para mas mabigyan pa ako ng mas maraming kasiyahan and para maging part ng mundo. 

Haaays babies ko.. Ang bilis niyong lumaki! Parang konting tulog na lang magschool na kayo, tapos magkakaroon kayo siyempre ng friends, tapos biglang highschool na pala kayo, tapos dadating yung araw na you prefer to be with your friends kesa sa amin ni daddy niyo, tapos baka dumating na din yung araw na magcocollege kayo, basagan na yan ng alakansiya at ubusan ng savings, tapos may manliligaw na sa inyo, tapos MAGKAKABOYFRIEND NA KAYO??!(humaygawd!), tapos magbreabreak kayo, pero sa mga kaibigan niyo kayo iiyak at hindi sa amin ni daddy niyo, tapos gragraduate kayo ng college at magkakatrabaho agad, maari ding maisipan niyong bumukod na sa amin ni daddy niyo, tapos may MAGPROPROPOSE na sa inyo??!(humaygawd 2x), tapos MAGPAPAKASAL NA KAYO??!(hindi na humaygawd, mahihimatay na ako!), tapos BIBIGYAN NIYO NA KAMI NG APO???!(HUWAAT??!), tapos, tapos, tapos.......tapos may tumatawag na sa akin ngayon at nagpapatimpla ng milk!

Matagal pa pala yan.. Mageenjoy muna akong magtimpla ng milk niyo ngayon..:))

Happy Thursday everyone!

Miyerkules, Hulyo 10, 2013

Poor Baby Daddy

I'm feelin' a bit guilty today cause my baby daddy (Melvin) just had his one bad day..

Well, paano ba naman kasi..? I can cook Chicken Tinola, Sinigang, Dinuguan, Pinakbet, Chicken curry, Ginisang Veggies, etc. But there's only one thing that I can't perfect.. TO FRY A FISH.

As in, I feel so lame in frying a fish. It always sticks to the frying pan! Ang ending, naku.. Halos wala na kaming makain kasi nga dumikit na yung fish sa frying pan.. Super dilemma ko talaga to! Sabi ko nga giniling na Tilapia ang ulam namin. Hindi pritong Tilapia. ;)

So kanina, tawa na lang nasagot ko when I saw his reaction when I showed him our "ulam" for today. He told me kawawa naman daw yung Tilapia.. Namurder. I knew he was disgusted about the fish so I told him share na lang sila ni Meganne sa hotdogs. Pero wala kaming stock na ketchup and hindi masarap ang hotdog ng walang ketchup, so ang ending, napilitian siyang kumain ng fried giniling na Tilapia. :)

And dahil last day na ng pagrerender niya sa office nila, kasi po nagresign na ang baby daddy ko, natulog siya ng hapon knowing na marami pa siyang time. Eh ako naman, nawili kami ni Allodia sa pagcacandy crush, 6pm ko na siya nagising para magprepare papasok sa office. So mega madali po ang baby daddy namin. Ligo agad, 7pm po kasi ang pasok niya. Hindi na siya nakakain sa sobrang pagmamadali niya. Ako naman I toke care of the kids para di na maabala ni Megs ang daddy niya sa pagbibihis. I also got the feeling na uulan kaya plano ko dapat ipabaon yung payong kay baby daddy. Pero sa pagmamadali po niya, nakalimutan ko pong iabot sa kanya ang payong... Waaah!

So eto na nga, mga ilang minutes pa lang siyang nakakaalis, dahan dahan pong umulan. As in dahan-dahan! Parang binigyan pa niya ako ng time na magdasal na wag umulan kasi walang dalang payong ang baby daddy ko. Pero ayun, kahit nagpray po ako na wag munang umulan, umulan pa din. and super lakas ng ulan na may kasama pang kulog and kidlat.. So ang sunod na lang na pinagpray ko, sana safe at nasa office na sana ang baby daddy namin. Haaaay.. Kawawa naman ang daddy namin..di bale last day na to.. Good night!:)

My stress relievers!

It's been awhile since my last post..
Well, I've got sick last weekend that's why I've gotta rest every time I can.
I still toke care of the kids even though I was not really feeling well. But the other household chores was taken care by my Baby Daddy Melvin..

I think I've been too stressed this past days that's why my body didn't take it anymore that it demanded a lot of rest and relaxation.

So here's been my list of ways of relaxation/stress reliever..:
  • My baby loves! My heart just melts whenever I see and hear their smiles and giggles! 
    • Meganne- I love it whenever she kisses me all over my face and squeezes me tightly! I also love it whenever she tries to help me in my chores and taking care of Allodia. :) 
    • Allodia- I love it whenever she learns something new like Hi-five and close- open. Those little hands really knows how to make me smile. :) 
  • TV Shows: This are the programs that can certainly make my day.:) 
    • Victorious- Its a teen show in Nickolodeon. Actually I'm just watching its replays cause its already finished last February 2, 2013. I love their humor and their songs. I also love their outfits especially Victoria Justice. How I wish I have a body just like hers. -_-.
    •  Poptalk- Its a magazine show that features and reviews anything and everything under the sun in News TV channel 11. I love Kuya Tonipet's humor in describing their featured product or place. I also love the thought that they invite some bloggers to be a reviewer in their show. And lastly, I love Boobay's segment. :)
    •  Mars- I'm not sure if its a variety or talk show but I love this show. It's like all in one show, cause it has a segment for cooking, exercising, interviews and discussion about certain things around us. I love all their segments but, I occasionally watch it because of Meganne and the news. You know, agawan lang sa TV ang drama namin mag-ina! But most of the time I let her watch cause Phineas and Ferb is one of her favorite shows.
    • Showtime- This has been my favorite noontime show because of Anne Curtis, Vhong Navarro, Jhong Hilario and Vice Ganda. For me, its much more fun to watch than any other noontime show. I like their humor than the oldies. (hehe.. Lagot ako! Tawagin ko ba namang MATANDA na sina Bogs Turling at Willing willie, haha! Just kiddin') 
    • Oggy and the Cockroaches- Yes, the cartoons in Disney Channel and Cartoon Network. Its fun to be a kid sometimes, right? :))
  • Candy Crush: My sister Dyna taught me to crush candies... And now I'm addicted. :)
  •  Food!
    • Spanish bread- I don't know why, but I really love the custard filling of Spanish bread.
    • Jawbreaker of Zark's Burger- I haven't tried it yet but just looking at its pictures in Google images gives me the feeling like I'm so full. Try to check it out. 0o0
    • Cakes, Chocolates and Donuts- I don't eat this regularly cause my father is diabetic and I'm sooo afraid that I might get it. So, to satisfy myself, I just look at the pictures in FB and in Google images. Yes! It makes me relax by just looking at the pictures of food. :)
  • Sleep! I think I don't need to elaborate this... haha! Good night! :)

Huwebes, Hulyo 4, 2013

HELP! Where can I buy patience???

Where the hell in this world can I buy PATIENCE??? I'm not kidding. I really wanna buy patience if only it can be really bought.

My 3 years old little girl, Meganne, is way too much naughty, importunate and hyperactive!

I know its a part of growing up, but like any other SAHM, I'm running out of patience and sometimes I think I'm the worst mom in the world.

Okay. Breathe in, breathe out. *SIGH*

To be honest, this is one of the reasons why I wanna find a job and work full time. I think I need a break from my daughters. I think that it is better for me to go to work, miss my kids for 8-9 hours and go home immediately and hug and kiss my kids like there's no tomorrow than being with them for 24 hours in 7 days a week and shout at them every time they do something naughty or bad.

I love my kids more than anything and anyone else in this world. I will die and live for them. I rather take all the sacrifices in the world just to make sure that they'll be fine and happy.

But hellya! I need a break! I'm still a human that need to rest when tired, need to eat when hungry and need to breathe when in stress. Whew!

I don't know if I'm still experiencing PPD or postpartum depression. I'm not diagnose properly of PPD but based from my research, I manifest the symptoms of PPD especially during the first 3 months after giving birth to Allodia. And since then, I've tried to fight this depression by watching comedy shows, talking to my old friends and by blogging something here. I can say that it really helped me a lot when I accepted the fact that I might be experiencing this. Now, little by little, I'm composing myself for better for my kids. But whenever I try to be the best mom to Meganne and Allodia, it seems that I keep on coming back on first step. I have to admit that sometimes, I shout and punish my baby Meganne. But God knows how regretful I am in doing so.

I really don't know what to do. I love my babies but it seems like I can't take it anymore...hayys..


Martes, Hulyo 2, 2013

J. Pops baby donuts for Allodia's 6th month!

For the past few weeks, I've been super curious about J. Co Donuts. I'm a donuts lover ever since I was in college, but I've been just an avid fan of Dunkin Donuts. Why Dunkin Donuts? Well, its cheaper before like I mean you can have it for just 10 pesos each. 

But for my Allodia's 6th month celebration, J. Co's J. Pops baby donuts ang bida!

Ate Meganne is more excited than my baby Allodia

Ate Meganne! That's for Allodia!

I chose to buy J. Pops since its our first time to try J. Co and we have no idea what flavor is delicious.

It has 16 flavors. Avocado dicaprio is my favorite!

Meganne's favorite! Caviar Strawberry!

I think she really found it so cute, that she didn't want to eat it!

Allodia just grabbed my Avocado dicaprio! 

Meganne really loves pink!

Crunchy crunchy for mommy and Heaven Berry for Ate. :)

I also love this Tiramisu baby donut!

For overall, I think their not so usual flavors are just right for their price. Actually, after munching on our very first J. Co experience, we actually wanted to buy again right away!