Huwebes, Enero 16, 2014

My busy week..

I've been thinking lately that 24 hours is not really enough for a stay-at-home-mom like me with a 3 years old school girl and a year old baby whose figuring how to talk and walk and learn those simple things in life.

Is it the daylight saving or just me?

Haha. Whatever. Anyway, I've been quite busy this week because of my baby ate's loads of homework. That's right! She's considered to be in nursery level and yet their teacher is pouring them( I mean us, their PARENTS!) with loads of assignments! But that's okay, since I can clearly see that my Baby ate is really learning. She now knows about Dr. Jose Rizal! I didn't teach her that because I just felt that she's too young for that information, but then again, their school is just really preparing them for big schools and I'm happy with that.

Yesterday, Allodia and I went to the nearby health center because it's her MMR vaccine day! So I got up early and went to the center. Before the vaccine her weight and height were taken and I found out that she a bit underweight! So I need to feed her from time to time so she can gain some weight before she turns 1 year and a month old. I've been also busy teaching her how to walk and talk. During my spare time, I would be with her and teach her how to say "mommy". She can mumble "daddy" and "ate" but not "mommy" or "mama". She also knows what the dog says and I'm proud to say I didn't teach her that. She was able to learn that  sound by listening to our neighbor's dog's bark. And I'm pretty sure that sooner she'll be able to learn to call me,"mommy". She can also walk 2-3 steps already without support. And I realized I'm much happier to witness that moment that moment than anything else. I felt overwhelming when I saw her walk on her own. I just can't explain that lovely feeling! And I thank God for letting me experience such wonderful feeling with my family.

Another factor that made me busy is that my sister had opened a problem with me. She told me that my nephew, Ollio, is showing some signs of Red flags. Red flags are the reference to see if you're kid is manifesting Autism Spectrum Disorder. You may refer to this site for more information about this disorder.
It was a heartbreaking news. We're not sure yet but then being aware that something's wrong makes us feel unhappy. So right now, I'm helping my sister to research more about this case. We're also praying for a milder case cause we know that my nephew is really delayed in some skills. My sister's also preparing their finances for his medical expenses. My nephew is scheduled for an assessment with Dr. Maria Cristina Caguioa in Las Pinas Doctors Hospital on January 27. I really hope that Ollio will be better soon. It will be his 2nd birthday tomorrow. And I wish him a better health for his birthday.

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  1. Too sad to hear.. I hope that your nephew,would be better really sooon.

  2. I get sad when I hear/read such things about people, I hope your nephew would be better really soon

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