Sabado, Nobyembre 16, 2013

DEVASTATING means God is on leave

I've been meaning to post something here since last week but then, every time I turn on our computer, I can't help myself but try to check out what is the latest updates in Visayas.

Just by seeing their pictures and videos can make your eyes cry and then, it breaks your heart. :(

It was really a devastating thing.

Thousands of people died and hundred thousands of families are already homeless. It just like what you can see in suspense movies. And only in my very worst nightmare I can imagine that it actually happened.

But at the end of the day, there are still SURVIVORS.

Survivors that still fighting for their lives.

5 days without food, water and shelter??!!?

Dead bodies scattered everywhere. Everything was wiped out. Money is useless.

And only the FITTEST will survive.

OMG. I think God took a vacation without a prior notice.

I wish God would bless them as soon as He comes back and heal their broken heart and spirit.

Anyhow. Let's just help each other for the mean time.

But before donating any amount of money or goods, please check first the credibility of the organization if its for real or just a SCAM.

Just check if they are registered in DSWD's site or in CNN's official website.

Bangon Pilipinas! Kaya natin ito!


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