Miyerkules, Abril 17, 2013

As my hair grows..

Recently, there have been a lot of changes and bad things that had happened to my life.
I can share some of it here and some bad memories will be remain untold.
And because of this things, I became so depress, insecure and not happy anymore in my life.
It's like I'm still living but not existing anymore..

Just like my hair, I feel very ugly right now.
I feel like I've been torn into pieces,like my hair that has split-ends.
My life seems to be dull and lifeless, just like my hair..

So, I decided to bring back my life. My courage, my dreams, my humor... Everything that I had before!..
And as I start this journey of finding my old and new self, I've decided to cut my hair short. Very short, that I look like a boy. And as my hair grows, I should also mature. As my hair grows inch by inch, I will compose my self, one level at a time. As my hair grows, I will find more reasons to live. And as my hair grows, I will be bring back to life.

And I hope to be with you in this journey. As my hair grows..

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