Huwebes, Abril 18, 2013

i wanna move on..

Just a minute ago, I was browsing my friend's page in facebook and I've realized that it seems that I was really stuck in my past. I wasn't over yet with my past and I feel like I have so many things to do but, i'm not doing anything to patch things up..
My wrong decisions in my past keep taunting me right now...
I should have finish my studies even if I got pregnant before..
I should have started to work even if he(my husband) disagrees with it..
I should have listen to my mom.

But now that the damage is done..What else can I do??

I'm so confuse right now, that I do not know what to think anymore..
If only there's a way to get back to my past, so I can redo everything and I can make things right..

I really wanna move on..
Please God, help me to move on...

3 komento:

  1. OMG sis,, i feel the same way.. if you happen to read my 2 post in blog., it's all about my friend as well, and it really makes me feel sad because i wasn't able to pursue the things that i really wanted to do.. ramdam kita sis.

    Mga Tugon
    1. hi sis!I've read your blog too!It's good to know that I'm not the only one feels this way.. But I hope we surpass this feeling as soon as possible because its not healthy at all.. As of now, I'm don't open my old account in fb so I won't get disappointed. How about you??nga pala..saan ka nagwowork sis??

    2. Heyah sis,! nakow..move on teh.. it can do any better if you will think what had happen.. ganyan talaga ang buhay.. malalampasan mo rin yan..better don't open n nga lang ur old fb accnt. what i did in mine, i also changed fb accnt, and blocked that old friend of mine.. ahahhha im working at Ortigas