Miyerkules, Hulyo 10, 2013

My stress relievers!

It's been awhile since my last post..
Well, I've got sick last weekend that's why I've gotta rest every time I can.
I still toke care of the kids even though I was not really feeling well. But the other household chores was taken care by my Baby Daddy Melvin..

I think I've been too stressed this past days that's why my body didn't take it anymore that it demanded a lot of rest and relaxation.

So here's been my list of ways of relaxation/stress reliever..:
  • My baby loves! My heart just melts whenever I see and hear their smiles and giggles! 
    • Meganne- I love it whenever she kisses me all over my face and squeezes me tightly! I also love it whenever she tries to help me in my chores and taking care of Allodia. :) 
    • Allodia- I love it whenever she learns something new like Hi-five and close- open. Those little hands really knows how to make me smile. :) 
  • TV Shows: This are the programs that can certainly make my day.:) 
    • Victorious- Its a teen show in Nickolodeon. Actually I'm just watching its replays cause its already finished last February 2, 2013. I love their humor and their songs. I also love their outfits especially Victoria Justice. How I wish I have a body just like hers. -_-.
    •  Poptalk- Its a magazine show that features and reviews anything and everything under the sun in News TV channel 11. I love Kuya Tonipet's humor in describing their featured product or place. I also love the thought that they invite some bloggers to be a reviewer in their show. And lastly, I love Boobay's segment. :)
    •  Mars- I'm not sure if its a variety or talk show but I love this show. It's like all in one show, cause it has a segment for cooking, exercising, interviews and discussion about certain things around us. I love all their segments but, I occasionally watch it because of Meganne and the news. You know, agawan lang sa TV ang drama namin mag-ina! But most of the time I let her watch cause Phineas and Ferb is one of her favorite shows.
    • Showtime- This has been my favorite noontime show because of Anne Curtis, Vhong Navarro, Jhong Hilario and Vice Ganda. For me, its much more fun to watch than any other noontime show. I like their humor than the oldies. (hehe.. Lagot ako! Tawagin ko ba namang MATANDA na sina Bogs Turling at Willing willie, haha! Just kiddin') 
    • Oggy and the Cockroaches- Yes, the cartoons in Disney Channel and Cartoon Network. Its fun to be a kid sometimes, right? :))
  • Candy Crush: My sister Dyna taught me to crush candies... And now I'm addicted. :)
  •  Food!
    • Spanish bread- I don't know why, but I really love the custard filling of Spanish bread.
    • Jawbreaker of Zark's Burger- I haven't tried it yet but just looking at its pictures in Google images gives me the feeling like I'm so full. Try to check it out. 0o0
    • Cakes, Chocolates and Donuts- I don't eat this regularly cause my father is diabetic and I'm sooo afraid that I might get it. So, to satisfy myself, I just look at the pictures in FB and in Google images. Yes! It makes me relax by just looking at the pictures of food. :)
  • Sleep! I think I don't need to elaborate this... haha! Good night! :)

2 komento:

  1. Babies are really cute, they are definitely one of our stress reliever.. I watched showtime too. hindi ko nga lang madalas natatapos..

    Mga Tugon
    1. Ako rin sis!di ko tinatapos.. yung arte mo lang ang pinapanuod ko..kasi turn na ni bulingit after nun eh.. :)