Martes, Hulyo 16, 2013

Job hunt Finale

I knew I didn't post something last Friday.
Well it's because I went to try my luck again in getting a job in the companies that I posted here.

And last Friday, I've got a job!!!

Yes! I've just tried my luck and got a job. I really thank God for this blessing!!!

The only sad part here is that in I'll be an official working mom starting next week. I'll gonna spend less time with my kids in exchange of money, so I can buy food and things to make them healthy and comfortable.

And since my family feels so blessed with these blessing, I want to share my blessings with YOU!
But since its my First ever Giveaway, I'll be writing it in different post. So stay tuned!

Okay, back to Job Hunt finale tayo, so the search is over. Starting next week, July 22, 2013, I'll be an official employee of Convergys Corporation. At last, I will be experiencing the life of an employee, yung may mandatory benefits, Health benefits, bonus, 13th month pay, etc.

So starting today, I'll be posting my last 5 days as a SAHM or Stay-At-Home-Mom. Countdown na ito!
Mamimiss ko yung pagiging SAHM ko pero I, myself, think that I need another place to grow. But not too far away from my daughters, kasi my office is like 15 mins away from us...

Kaya I hope I will learn a lot in this new phase of my life.
 I hope I'll be a better person as days pass by.
I hope that this is it, pancit!

SO go for the Gold and For the WIN!!CHEERS!!!(anodaw??!haha...masaya lang po ako,pagbigyan niyo na ako!)

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