Huwebes, Enero 9, 2014

New Year, New Giveaways!Yeys!

Hi fellas!

I've been quite busy in the web for the past days.

Well, because you know, I've been searching for a job, may it be home based or in an office based.

I prefer to have a home based job but since our computer has TOO low specs ( its a pentium 4, yup! There's still a pentium 4 in our generation and it's working really sucks! If only someone could give me a computer..hmm..) I think I prefer to be in an office based cause I don't really wanna mess up with my future boss' business.

I'm still on the search of a non voice account in the call center industry.

I actually applied last week but I failed in the interview. I don't know what exactly made me fail the interview. Maybe because I emphasized too much that I wanted to be profiled in a non voice account.
And now I'm kinda feelin' low. I mean I don't trust myself anymore that I can get another job offer ever again. I'm too afraid to try again.. And I don't know when will my self-esteem will be back to my system again.. I hope it will be back very soon cause I want to save up some money before June cause my baby ate will go to school next school year

Anyway, while waiting for my self-esteem, I've been busy joining some giveaways in other blogs.
And I want to share it with you guys, that's why I made a short list of the giveaways that I've joined.
So here it is!

So there you go. I will search for more giveaways to join in. And I wish I could win in one of these giveaways!

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