Sabado, Enero 25, 2014

What is happening to It's Showtime Family??!

I don't watch TV often ever since I had Meganne because, rather than watching, I would just do my household chores whenever I have free time.
It was just when I was preggo with Allodia that I watched TV again.
And one of the shows that I used to loved watching is the It's Showtime(formerly Showtime).

I got bored with Eat Bulaga and switched to It's Showtime.
It offered a lot of fresh portions plus it has gorgeous and handsome celebrity hosts.

Until I gave birth to Allodia and lost my desire in watching TV again.
But even if I stopped watching the show, I still loved their show and their hosts, no matter what.

And now, I'm wondering why their hosts are being in a scandalous issues these past few months.

Let's reminisce one by one.

1. Vice Ganda scandal (May 17, 2013- iVice Ganda mo ko Concert)
     It happened last year, when he made a joke about "the rape" thing and worst is that he mentioned Miss          Jessica Soho, who is a reputable newscaster of the rival network.

2. Billy Crawford break up with Nikki Gil, Coleen as the third party? ( July 28, 2013- The Buzz)
      He announced his break up with almost five year long girlfriend Nikki Gil. And just lately, he confirmed         that he's courting one of his co-host Coleen Garcia, who allegedly the third party in his relationship with         Nikki Gil.

3. Anne Curtis Slapping Incident (Dec 2, 2013- Prive Luxury Club)
       When Anne slapped John Lloyd Cruz and two other people. Well in the story, she even called JLC an          "addict" and she told Phoemela Barranda that she can buy her, her friends and that club.

4. Vhong Navarro was beaten by group of men ( January 22, 2014- Fort Condo)
        It's in the headlines today. He was badly beaten by group of men in the condominium of his friend.

When Billy announced that he's courting Coleen, I already thought about this. I even asked my Baby Daddy why the hosts of this show are going a lot of issues. And he laughingly answered me that he doesn't know cause he's a certified dabarkad. I actually thought that Vhong Navarro will have a big issue soon just like his co-hosts, but I didn't expect it to be just like that. I pity him cause he was badly beaten and might undergo a surgery soon. I wish he could recover soon cause I will definitely miss his "sexy moves" and pick up lines.


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  1. I am also enjoying it's showtime, I hope the hosts will be fine

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