Sabado, Agosto 31, 2013

Team Kramer!

Hi everybody!I miss posting something here.
Anyway, I have a new addiction!

It's watching videos of the Kramer Family in Facebook.

 They're fan page is Team Kramer managed by Mr and Mrs. Doug Kramer.

I'm super hooked in watching their videos especially the videos of their kids, Kendra, Scarlett and Gavin.

They have such a beautiful family that you can feel the love in their home by just watching their homemade videos.

They have super cute and bibo kids. How I wish Meganne can speak well just like Kendra.

Gavin, their bunso, is just 5 days older than my Allodia that's why I can relate to their family in one way or another.

I also love the video that Kendra and Scarlett were playing and laughing like no tomorrow. When I first saw that video,I told myself that next year, Meganne and Allodia will be like that,always playing and hugging and running like there's no tomorrow.

I just really hope that they will put it in a website just like what they said in one of their status.

To Daug and Cheska, kudos to you guys. I can really see your love and care for your kids. You're a great example of a parent.

If you are being curious of what I'm talking about please just visit them in their fan page. That's it for now. Go #team Kramer!

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