Linggo, Agosto 18, 2013

Rainy day things + fold a shirt in just 2 seconds!

Its been a long rainy day.

I'm a bit worried because the typhoon "Maring" is in the northern part of our country. I've just called my father in Ilocos to check what's happening in there. He told me that they were alerted by the provincial news that's its already signal no. 3 in our province (I don't know if this is true). My father said that it didn't stop raining since yesterday. Our house in Ilocos Sur was almost caught by the flood last night. Almost all the houses in our neighborhood had been affected by the flood already.

Meanwhile, my relatives are quite worried with us as well cause we're currently residing here in Pasig Area. They're really horrified to know that I agreed with Melvin to live here in Pasig though I know some horrifying stories of Ondoy. I don't have much choice at that moment that's why I just agreed with Melvin.
Anyway, I told them that there's no heavy rain in our area(except just now while typing away this post) to stop their worries. I also assure them that we have enough food and water that can last up to 2 days.

Anyway, I wanna share with you this great thing that can be really useful during these "bagyo" times. It should be in the top of your list of emergency kit.

 A chargeable Flashlight .

I don't know where my MIL bought it. I'll gonna ask her next time we'll meet.

Anyway, I found this video in Facebook. I've already tried it! And I'm bursting to laughter and I don't know why.. Guess I'm just really amazed..

Here's the video..

Try it! It's really easy!

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