Miyerkules, Agosto 21, 2013

Our helpful ate and my 8 months old baby

How's everybody?

I hope you are all fine and safe with your family.

Well, it didn't stop raining here since Sunday. But, it didn't stop me from washing our clothes as well.

Di ba nga I told you we just came home from Ilocos? So ibig sabihin I have loads of labahan to do.

It's a good thing that my little ate helped me in hanging our clothes. She's super willing to help and I'm lovin' it. Here's a video of my ate putting a shirt in a hanger.

Note: Di ko po siya pinilit. She's willing to learn so I taught her how to do it.

Aliw lang noh? I hope after 10 years she's still willing to help me doing the household chores. 

Another thing that makes me a proud mama of my little ate is that she knows how to use the mop. When she sees a puddle inside our house, she gonna grab the mop and wipe it. I even try to stop her at first but when she told me that, "Mommy, ako na. Ate na ak-ho.", I just let her do it. She's growing up so fast, indeed! Plus she's growing up so smart and responsible (despite of her being late in her language skills. I'll make another post about this). I'm so proud of you baby. You're still my baby no matter what.

Speaking of baby, my little Allodia just turned 8 months yesterday! That is so fast baby girl! It seems only yesterday when I can still feel you inside my tummy. But look at you now,

Oh, such a darling! She's so cute in that dress! Her ate used to wear that too when she's at her age.

I feel nostalgic now.

Anyway, since its my baby's birth month, we should celebrate, right?

We planned to buy a Braso de Mercedes in Red Ribbon earlier yesterday and just have it delivered here in our house para di na kami lumabas. But then when I called the Red Ribbon Delivery hotline, they told me that they can't do delivery in our place due to bad weather.

Then I watched the news, only to find out that Marikina River is on a critical level already!
Nagtaka pa talaga ako ha, eh magdamag ang ulan kaya malamang mataas na tubig doon.
That made me realized that the way going to Eastwood from our house is not passable anymore.

Red Ribbon Eastwood branch supposed to do the delivery cause its the nearest branch in our home that does delivery. So hindi na talaga sila pwedeng magdeliver cause they have to pass the floodway going to our house.
Another realization, siguro kaya di pa ako pinayagan ni God na magwork kasi He knew that this gonna happen. Ayaw lang niya siguro akong mastranded sa Eastwood(its where I'm supposed to work) kaya dinelay niya muna ang pag work ko. Okay. Thank You God!

Anyway, back to the story tayo. Siyempre, as a mother na hindi susuko para sa anak, may plan B ako. I tried searching Goldilocks, if they do delivery. Meron, they deliver. Pero when I try to call them using our telephone, wala na palang dial tone ang telephone namin. Nacut na ata ang line namin because of the weather.

Haaaays! So, plan C naman ako. My plan is to go to the Robinson's Supermarket near our place cause my baby daddy remembered that Simply Bread has a store there. So I got ready to go there. But when I went to our main road, its baha na pala already. Plus, there's no more tricycle going out of our subdivision anymore. Tsk, tsk.

So plan D tayo. Kailangan magcelebrate dahil 8 months na ang baby ko. I will feel really guilty kasi if we can't celebrate it. Ang sa akin naman kahit simple lang, basta malaman lang ng baby ko na sinelebrate namin ang birth month niya just like we used to do in her ate's first year noon. So eto na po ang plan D.

I just bought brownies in the bakery nearby our place. That's only for 20php. Tapos nilagayan ko lang ng candle. And PRESTO! Happy 8th month Allodia!

Supposed to be bibili pa ako ng stick-o and nips or cream stix pang lettering sana. Kaya lang isang buong 1000php bill ang hawak. Wala daw panukli kaya di na ako bumili. 

Hayaan mo anak. Babawi na lang kami sa birthday mo. We love you kahit ano pang mangyari. Tsaka di ba, ang importante eh yung magkakasama tayo,? Kasi pag magkakasama tayo, parang araw-araw PASKO! Mwah! 

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  1. creativity works during these kind of days.. Goodjob ^_^

  2. Pareho tayo,sis. I would move any mountain for my girl. Kaya lang,mukhang wala tayong laban sa baha. :) Hope you and the babies are dry and safe.
    Happy 8th month,Allodia!