Sabado, Agosto 17, 2013

I'm Back from Ilocos!

Hi guys!
I've been away for quite sometime..

The kids and I had a very short vacation kasi in Ilocos last weekend.

Have I told you guys that I was born and grew up in Ilocos Sur??

Well, I'm telling it now. (haha)

Anyway, our vacation was still fun despite of the long hours of trip and the typhoon.

 We toke advantage of the free ride of my uncle, Papa Zeus, last Saturday night. We left Pasig at 12 midnight.

We had a comfortable trip because we occupy the spacious back seat of Papa Zeus' car.
Our trip took like 7-8 hours cause we had to stop for like 30 mins. or an hour in Pangasinan cause Papa Zeus was a bit sleepy at that time and so he needed a power nap. Then, we arrived at Ilocos Sur  at Sunday morning safe and sound. Thanks for the ride and food Papa Zeus and Mama Jean!
                                                        Boundary arch of our town, Candon.

Day 1: Sunday
Well, our day 1 was full of kamustahan blues and chit chat with my relatives. It was my grandfather's day last Monday that's why almost all of my relatives came home to celebrate my grandfather's epic birthday!

That's Allodia with my Inang(grandmother ko po)!

Meganne with Ollio in a Hulicam! moment!

We're supposed to go swimming but since there's a typhoon, we opted to just stay home and  had a kwentuhan-to-da-max.

Day 2: Monday
It was Amang's 82nd Birthday! Everyone was busy in preparing for the party while the kids do their thing, and that is to play! 

Meganne with her kuya Kraven

Kanya kanyang kalat, tsk!

My youngest sister Angela, my grandmother whom we're calling Inang and my baby Allodia.

Amang's Birthday cake

Happy Birthday Amang!

The birthday party went well despite of the heavy rain and strong wind. It's also a good thing that there's no flood or bad thing that happen in my Amang's birthday. Happy Bday Amang!

Day 3: Tuesday

It was a rainy day and so I wasn't able to go to city market to buy "pasalubong" for my Baby Daddy. It's a bit far from our place plus my dad has still got his hangover from their inuman last night, so I decided to just stay at home. Good thing that my Best Friend, Jem, came to visit me and the kids. We got our chit chat and girl bonding the whole afternoon. She'd been my best friend and most loyal friend ever since we're in grade school. I really miss her a lot and our childhood days. Till we meet again my dear friend!

At the evening, we left Candon at 10pm, and just the same, we had a long hours of trip going back here in Manila.

We arrived at Project 2, where my Melvin's family are residing, at 8am. My baby daddy stayed there when we went to Ilocos. He wasn't able to come with us cause he had to finish some things in their business.

Oh! Before I end this post lemme share this video of my ate Meganne and kuya Kraven dancing in an Ilokano song.. Enjoy!


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  1. Are you an Ilocano? I'm from La Union. I love going to Candon, its where we buy calamay! ;)

    Mga Tugon
    1. Wow sis!where in La Union?? My cousin is residing at San Fernando.Do you know how to speak Ilokano?

    2. My dad is from san fernando, my mom is from san juan. I can speak ilicano.